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Feb 2, 11:16 AM

New Chapter, Blank Page

Finished Chapter 12 today, after two days, which represents great progress, but tomorrow morning faced with that especially blank page, trying to decide on a whole new mise-en-scène, a new way forward. I have a pretty good idea of where I’m going in general, but fiction is about specifics, about texture and voice and character, and this is a novel with multiple points of view, and I don’t seem capable of outlining, don’t really believe in it, because I think the story has to arise out of the prose.

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Jan 24, 09:29 AM

The Novelty of Routine

I’ve been out in Bridgehampton writing for three weeks, making steady progress on this new nameless novel. This has been my inevitable practice with each book, to hole up somewhere for a couple of months, usually in the winter months. Back in ‘89 when I was writing Brightness Falls I borrowed George Plimpton’s house in Sagaponack, then, the next year, James Salter’s house in Bridgehampton. There were very few Hamptons winter residents then, and it felt really remote out here, which was what I wanted. If you really needed company there was Bobby Vans, with a steady contingent of bar flies.

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Jan 10, 01:56 AM

Back In The Saddle

After seasonal excess and indulgence of Manhattan in December, had Christmas in Bridgehampton with kids, then flew to the Turks and Caicos with Candace Bushnell, Patrick McMullan and a few other friends, since our kids bailed on us. We were on Ambergris Cay, a small, sparsely inhabited Island where I did some fly fishing for bonefish, one of my favorite earthly pursuits, while Anne managed to break her wrist negotiating some slippery rocks above the beach. Since I wasn’t there, Candace immediately summoned the bartender for assistance. In Candace’s view, apparently, many of the world’s problems can be solved by bartenders. Then she woke Patrick McMullan, the legendary nightlife photographer, who keeps vampire hours, and demanded to know if he had any painkillers.

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